About Me! Or rather finding out about me….

As I reach the age of 50, I find that not only I am now an empty-nester, but I seem to have lost myself, my identity! After 6 years of turmoil affecting our family, followed by an emotional break down (mine), I was left wondering, “WHO AM I?” So this blog is about me, Natalie, rediscovering myself and finding me at FIFTY. It’s about finding my tribe – those people who hold me up and support me at this place where I am in life, right now. It’s about meeting those women who just plain get me and laugh with me (and maybe even at me)! It’s about finding courage to pursue new passions, taking job opportunities, taking up hobbies I’ve never tried, and traveling to new places (even alone)! And as selfish as it might sound, it’s about making time to start taking care of me!